Benefits of lodging your tax return through an accountant

Make sure you maximise your tax refund by using an accountant who specialises in personal tax returns.

It’s time for individuals to lodge their tax return, and everyone wants to save money.

The best way to ensure you maximise your tax refund is to engage the help of a taxation accountant.

Benefits of lodging your tax return through an accountant

Taxes might be a part of life, but it can get confusing, and each year there will be different elements you can focus on or look to claim for.

If you are not aware of various tax deductions that you can claim, it can make preparing and filing for your tax return on your own a bit of a gamble.

In contrast, a good tax accountant will grab all opportunities to get you the best tax refund possible.

Let’s go through 3 main benefits of lodging your tax return through an accountant.

  1. Peace of mind in knowing you’re claiming your maximum entitlements

A real benefit is knowing you’re claiming your maximum entitlements and receiving the maximum refund possible.

So, in essence, you’ll get more money back – if you’re eligible.

At MMA, we consider ALL deductible expenses to make sure you get the most out of your tax returns because we will find money-saving options for you.


  1. Relax knowing you are remaining compliant with the ATO

When you choose to lodge through with an accountant, you get the help needed to ensure you’re compliant with tax laws and that your return has been accurately prepared.

Don’t risk a small mistake that could end up costly – in more ways than one.

Unless you’re sure you know all the latest tax laws and regulations during tax season (I mean, that’s a lot of information to process – trust us, we know!) – it really is best to speak to a tax accountant to help you remain compliant.


  1. Make tax time simple and stress-free by making use of online tax shop

When you lodge your tax return with a tax accountant, tax time can be simple and stress-free.

And now it can be even easier if you use our NEW online tax shop.

Via our NEW online tax shop, you have two options – either complete the form and upload supporting documentation or book an online appointment.

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At MMA, we specialise in helping individuals and families across Tweed Heads, Northern NSW and beyond to maximise their tax returns. This year, we are excited to introduce our new Online Tax Shop, where you can jump on our website and complete your tax return with minimal downtime and effort.

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