Jobs Plus is a program to generate new employment positions and provide tax relief and additional support for expanding businesses in NSW. The program is designed to support Australian and international companies looking to start or expand business operations in NSW. Australian businesses need to employ at least 20 employees and international companies need to employ at least 80 employees, and have 30 new full time staff by end of 30 June 2024.

The program is open until 30 June 2022.

Businesses need to have started employing new staff by June 2022.

By the 30 June 2024, businesses need to have employed at least 30 new full time staff.

Some of the support options are:

Concierge Service – dedicated NSW team supporting business owners.

Payroll relief for 4 years – for every new full time employee once the 30 new jobs are created.

Subsidised training package rebates – for training, apprenticeships or internships.

Infrastructure rebates – to approve projects.

Access to subsidised short-term Government accommodation/spaces – up to 2 years where you can demonstrate high growth potential.

For assistance with planning approvals, please click the LINK for more information.