The Australian Government is offering income support for people who have lost income as a direct result of the floods from February 2022.

Applications are open and will close 3 September 2022.

Eligible applicants are allowed maximum of 13 weeks and will get paid from the date you stated losing income as a direct result of the NSW floods starting in February 2022. The payment will be taxable.

You can apply for Centrelink to withhold voluntary tax deductions from your payments.

Kyogle, Byron, Ballina, Lismore and Tweed are included for the disaster recovery allowance.

Please check the additional included Local Government areas through the LINK

The application criteria applies as follows:

  • Were 16 or older at the time of the floods,
  • Australian resident or hold an eligible Visa,
  • Work or live in an affected Local Government Area,
  • Lost income as a direct result of the storms and floods,
  • Earn less than the average Australian weekly income in the weeks after you had this income loss (On 9 August 2021, this was $1, 737.10 per week).

The amount will be similar to either JobSeeker payment or youth allowance, depending on your circumstance.

Once your income exceeds $1, 737.10 per week, they will reduce your payment to $0.

Check the following LINK to review the possible payment based on your circumstance.

Applicants will not be eligible if they are also claiming income support payment or pension, parental leave pay, dad and partner pay, ABSTUDY Living Allowance, Farm Household Allowance or Service Pension during your claim period.

To apply for the Disaster Recovery Allowance, click the LINK for more information.

You can claim online via the MyGov app if it is linked to Centrelink. Otherwise, please call 180 22 66 for assistance. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

If you’re a New Zealand citizen living in Australia, check if you’re eligible for:

*If you have been severely impact by the floods, you may be eligible for the Australian Government Disaster Payment for NSW. Check out our additional BLOG for more information.

(Services Australia, 2022)

Updated: 10 March 2022