This grant has been extended to include 18 new industries. These are:

  • Takeaway Food Services
  • Employment Placement and Recruitment Services
  • Labour Supply Services
  • Building and Other Industrial Cleaning Services
  • Creative Artists, Musicians, Writers and Performers
  • Motion Picture and Video Production
  • Post-production Services and Other Motion Picture and Video Activities
  • Music and Other Sound Recording Activities
  • Interurban and Rural Bus Transport
  • Urban Bus Transport (Including Tramway)
  • Metal Coating and Finishing
  • Printing
  • Other Motor Vehicle and Transport Equipment Rental and Hiring
  • Other Goods and Equipment Rental and Hiring not elsewhere classified
  • Optometry and Optical Dispensing
  • Physiotherapy Services
  • Other Allied Health Services
  • Other Social Assistance Services

As previously, in addition to being in one of the listed highly impacted industries, the eligibility requirements are:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN) as at 1 March 2020 registered in NSW;
  • have total Australian wages below the NSW Government 2019-20 payroll tax threshold of $900,000 as at 1 March 2020;
  • have fewer than 20 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff (including non-employing businesses, such as non-employing sole traders) as at 1 March 2020;
  • have an annual turnover of more than $75,000 as at 1 March 2020;
  • have experienced a decline in turnover of at least 30 per cent from March to July 2020 compared to the equivalent period (of at least 2 weeks) in 2019;
  • have costs from 1 July 2020 associated with safely reopening or scaling up their business.

Applications close 31st August.