Covid-19 Disaster Payment:  Once a state or territory reaches 70% full vaccination, automatic payments will cease and individuals will need to reapply each week to confirm a Commonwealth Hotspot remains in place.

After the Hotspot reaches 80% full vaccination, the payments will reduce over the following 2 weeks and will completely cease by the third week after reaching the 80%.

This payment is not subject to income tax.

JobSaver: From 10 October until 80% full vaccination is reached, continuing eligible business JobSaver payments will decrease from 40% of payroll to 30%. The minimum weekly payment will be reduced to $1,125.  For non-employing businesses, the weekly payment will decrease to $750, paid fortnightly.

Once 80% is reached, eligible employers will receive 15% of weekly payroll with the minimum amount reducing to $562.50.  Non-employing businesses will receive weekly $375, paid fortnightly.

For employers in the hospitality, tourism and recreation sectors, the weekly maximum capped amounts will remain at a higher level than those in other industries.

Micro Business Grant: Eligible businesses will continue to receive the $1,500 fortnightly payment until NSW reaches 80% full vaccination.  After this date this amount will reduce to $750 per fortnight until 30 November.


Other Concessions

Payroll Tax Concessions: A 50% payroll tax deduction will be given to entities paying Australian wages between $1.2m and $10m where they have demonstrated a 30% decline in turnover.

Payroll tax payments for the period July – Dec 2021 can be delayed until 14 January 2022.

Commercial Tenancies: Where a commercial or retail tenant can provide evidence that they have qualified for the Micro Business Grant, JobSaver Payment or the COVID-19 Business Grant, rent relief can be requested in line with the proportion of the decline in turnover.  A minimum of 50% must be waived and the remaining balance as a deferral of rent to be paid once the business has recovered.

Where there has been a period of strong trade and JobSaver or Micro Grant payments were not received for a fortnight, the landlord is entitled to request full rent for that period.

There is no guidance to a cessation date, but it is usually for the period in which JobSaver or Micro Business Grant is received.

Land Tax Relief: This relief will cover the period 1 July – 31 Dec 2021. This will be a reduction in the 2021 land tax payable on land where rent relief has been provided to the tenant occupying the land.

To be the lesser of reduction provided to the eligible tenant or 100% or the land tax attributed to the tenant.

Commercial Landlord Hardship Fund: Grant of up to $3,000 per month per retail or commercial lease where the eligible land lord is experiencing hardship as a result of providing rent relief to their tenants.

CLICK HERE to find out more on the Service NSW website about the commercial landlord hardship fund.